Vision, Mission, Goals & Values


To be a dynamic institution that is distinctive in its focus on providing education for a sustainable future.


To provide lifelong learning supported through teaching, research, training and community engagement.


At Muscat College we will:

1. Pursue upgrade of the industry focused Management and Information Technology programmes to produce competent graduates for the industry.

2. Strive to exchange industry relevant knowledge and skills that embraces the current global developments and experiences.

3. Develop and foster an excellent management and work culture that promotes values of collaboration, inclusion, and integrity for providing quality service to the stakeholders and community.

4. Cultivate an innovative learning and teaching environment to empower the overall progress of the students by enhancing academic quality of the offered programmes.

5. Ensure quality training and consultancy services in the areas of expertise to contribute to the continuous development of the industry and community.

6. Enhance research activities to contribute to the advancement of the country by liaising with external research bodies.


Muscat College staff and students will foster the following values through their activities.

A. Promoting Ethical Values

    1- Integrity

    2- Accountability

    3- Professionalism

    4- Honesty

    5- Openness

    6- Objectivity

B. Communicating Information Effectively and Efficiently

C. Understanding, appreciating and respecting Omani heritage, religion and customs