About The Programme

The Bachelor of Project Management with Honours course is specifically designed for students planning a career in the Manufacturing, Services, Oil and Gas, Construction, other relevant Management profession and/or the wider public/private sector. This course provides students with an essential understanding of project management to deliver better business results in today’s competitive global economy.

The course content of this program is in line with the current trends in the project management industry. The Programme Structure is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in the areas of Project Management such as Organisational Health and Safety, Lean Management, Contract Law, Project Planning, Project Control, Project Cost, Project Risk, Project Portfolio, Project Management Tools, Estimating, Scheduling, Construction Economics and Construction Management. To enhance the analytical and practical skills of the students, the program offers MS Project, Industrial Training and Major Projects. This program addresses the humanities aspects as well by incorporating a range of courses from Economics, Accounting, Finance Quality Management, Industrial Psychology, Communication, Business Ethics, Technopreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

Programme Objectives

The program aims to equip students with the following skills:

  • Have subject command in the chosen discipline with sound knowledge of the key concepts and technicalities involved
  • Understand the applications of the theory and be able to handle, assimilate and evaluate required information to be used in the real world
  • Able to comprehend holistically given situation/problem and able to handle positions in different government as well as private sectors
  • Prepared to manage any unforeseen situation at workplace and able to Impart knowledge to the team members in the working environment
  • Be a confident, positive and motivated professional with required knowledge and skills
  • Possess necessary skills for research and development and contribute to research for higher studies or continued work related fields
  • Possess aptitude and capability for lifelong learning and able to cope up with ever-changing and competitive environment of Oman
  • Able to apply analytical and critical thinking for a given situation using Problem-Solving skills effectively
  • Able to meet the industry expectations and manage change with confidence and autonomy
  • Be a self-aware graduate with good communication skills and an understanding of national and global business environment
  • Be a culturally and socially aware citizen and be able to carry out community services



Programme length and credits

Programme Programme Length (Full time) Credits
Diploma in Project Management Two Years (Four Semesters) 60
Bachelor of Project Management with Honours Four Years (Eight Semesters) 120

*Note part -time students may take three courses (9 credits) per semester at maximum

College Requirement Course

All the students are required to study a College requirement course “Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovation course” for 3 Credit Hours during the second year of their academic programme, apart from the programme requirements.

Entry Requirements

Students are expected to complete the General Education Diploma (General Secondary) or its equivalent and meet the English Language requirements (General English Language Certificate) or its equivalent. Students with HND/Diploma in IT related fields from other colleges/Universities can apply for admission into the program. The admission will be subject to credit transfer process.

Awarding Body:

After the successful completion of the program requirements, the students will be awarded with the Award/Exit certificates from Muscat College which is recognised by the University of Malaysia Pahang.

Programme Structure