All companies (including government agencies) rely on network to improve their businesses which has led to a growing demand for expertise in this field. Hence, this programme has been created in response to industry demand for graduates with the knowledge abd technical skills in computer system and networking. The graduates are equipped with a solid foundation of computer  science, computer systems, hardware and software maintenance, networking and security. They have the capability to design, create, operate and maintain network infrastructures for modern distributed computer systems. The programme is also embedded with Cisco training (leading company in networking) with Cisco-equipped network laboratory for developing sound theoritical understanding and gaining confidence through insdustrial standard practical experience. Additionally, graduates are nurtured with personal and professional skills, critical thinking, effective communication and enterpreneurial skills to prepare them in facing future challenges. Completing this course will prepare the graduates to succeed in becoming excellent network and system administrators, IT support specialists, system designers or working in industrial networks.

Programme structure



 PEO1 To produce knowledgeable and skilled graduates to work in any organisation, whether national, multi-national, government agencies or as techno-entrepreneurs in ICT-related fields, particularly in the field of Computer Systems and Networks
 PEO2 To produce graduates who are able to practice high professional ethical values.