The General Foundation Programme (GFP)

The General Foundation Programme is a formal, structured, generic programme of study designed to prepare students to be successful in their higher education studies. It is a compulsory entrance qualification to undergraduate programmes offered in Oman.

The Oman’s Academic Standards set the minimum requirement for the General Foundation Programme and the primary focus of the Programme is the achievement of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in four areas of learning:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Computing
  • General Study Skills


The Programme is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). This provides a common basis for the elaboration of language syllabuses, curriculum guidelines, assessments, textbooks and other teaching materials.


The General Foundation Programme prepares students to:

  • Gain the necessary English language skills and equip them with critical and analytical skills required to cope with the demands of the degree programmes.
  • To develop broad intellectual thinking and life skills which are vital in today’s society.
  • Develop and improve their Maths and IT skills required to cope with the demands of the undergraduate programmes.


Programme Structure

There is a total of ten (10) modules offered in the General Foundation Programme.

Five (5) modules are offered in the Academic Semester 1 (AS1) and five (5) modules are offered in the Academic Semester 2 (AS2).

Students are required to pass semester one before proceeding onto semester two.


  • Academic Semester 1 (AS1)

ELAS English Language Studies

GWIC Grammar and Writing in Context

MATH 1 College Mathematics 1

TECH 1 Information Technology 1

TUT1 Tutorials AS1

  • Academic Semester 2 (AS2)

ARAV Academic Reading and Vocabulary

AGAW Academic Grammar and Writing

COMS Communication Skills

MATH 2 College Mathematics 2

TECH 2 Information Technology 2