Department of Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Although Muscat College’s main focus is education and training at Higher Education level, attention is also given to leisure and recreation activity in view of its impact upon building up the student’s personality, both physically and mentally.


The department of Student Affairs in MuscatCollege looks forward to maximizing student quality learning and connection to their community and culture through promoting a supportive social, cultural, sports and academic environment

Who are we?

The Student Affairs Department is managed by the Director of Student Affairs and General Activities who reports to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

The Student Affairs department staff is a group of experienced professionals who work very hard to promote a supportive learning environment and enhance students’ connection to their community and culture.

What do we do?

As one of the major divisions in Muscat University College, the Student Affairs department oversees and delivers activities and services related to:

– Sports

– Counseling

– Students

– Council and Clubs

– Career Services and Alumni

– Students Services

– Extra Curricular Activities

What can we do for you?

We oversee all issues and resources related to your life at Muscat College. We advise you to sort out problems of Academic nature with your:

1-     First, respective teacher(s).

2-     Second, academic advisor.

3-     The Head of Department / Director of English Language Centre.

4-     If you feel none of the above is attending to your complaints, we are the only authority that receives and looks after your complaints

Services & Activities

Cultural Activities:

The aim at this level is to develop students’ talents through involving them in various cultural and artistic activities. The

event, regularly organized every Monday, is an opportunity for students not only to attend but also to actively create. Students, hence, are highly encouraged to participate.

For further details, please feel free to contact the Acting Director of Student Affairs and General Activities.

Room Number1121.

Extension: 44.

Working Hours: 8.00 am- 6.00 pm

Social Activities:

The social activities taking place at MuscatCollege are considered to be of vital importance in order for the students’ responsibilities to be socially successful. Participating in different social and extra-curricular activities such as tours, visits and conferences would not only offer the opportunity to know new friends and learn from peers; it would also promote their camaraderies and help plan well for the future. It is for sure that by totally involving themselves in such activities they take on responsibilities both as members and as “builders” of the Sultanate. Perhaps they even take on leadership roles which instill in them the very spirit of togetherness and cooperation at work. The Student Council and the groups emanating from it are actually striving to achieve such an aim.

Student Counseling:

It is very important to highlight the fact that through giving pieces of advice, helping students overcome their problems, whether with their classmates or with the College’s staff members, The Student Counseling Department aims at creating a congenial atmosphere where students can improve and mutually exchange ideas. The department, in to this, provides students with different ways to solve psychological issues which may easily affect their academic performance.

Sports Facilities:

Taking into consideration the tremendous influence of sports at the psychological, social, mental and physical levels, MuscatCollege has attempted to create many sports facilities to enable students pursue their activities. Hence, weekly football trainings are taking place in the College’s playground. Moreover, students are interested in table tennis can easily enjoy such a game. In addition to this, a wide range of championships are organized: two of them to get the Chairman’s Cup. Two others are held on an open sport day to get the Dean’s Cup; one for male students, the other for females. Besides, an annual championship is organized in which both private and public educational institutions take part. Teams are, of course, intensively trained to participate in the competitions organized by The Committee for Omani University Sports. Later on, selected students are to form teams, representing Universities, to get them fully involved in the championships of The Arab and InternationalUniversities.


The College assists female students settle themselves by directing them to various houses’ landlords. Moreover, a supervisor is expected to permanently reside with them to guide the internal housing female students. Such supervisor is also expected to be always in touch with the social advisor in the College.


The College provides free- transportation service to students staying in “studetnt accommodation” . It also strives to help them obtain transportation to residential areas away from the College by contacting and contracting with bus owners.


Medical Treatment:

The College provides students with a good medical service. To make sure that they receive a nice treatment, a nurse is there working from Saturday to Wednesday, 8.30 am- 2.30pm. There is also a Doctor coming every Monday, serving between 10.00 am and 12.00 pm. The medical examination room is located next to the sports activity office.

Staff Members