Sport Activities

The college offers an opportunity for students to develop their sports talents by providing a professional  sports  coach , sports facilities and participate in local and regional tournaments

Types of sports activities:

1-            Indoors sports activities.

2-            Sports events and activities hosted by the college with participation of other higher education institutions.

3-            Participation in outdoors activities and competitions

Time frame for sports activities:

1-            Daily sports activities: ( Males and Females )

These include every sports activity taking place in the male and female sports halls such as chess, table tennis and snooker.

2-            Weekly sports activities :

These relate more to physical activities like running and football- students’ favorite sport. For 2 days a week students gather for training and matches on the college’s pitch from 6 p .m. to 9 p.m.

3-            Semester sports events :

Twice a year the Student Affairs department organizes:

a-            The Chairman’s football championship for Muscat College Students.

b-            The table tennis competitions (singles and doubles).

c-            The Dean’s Bowling cup for females.

4-            Annual sports activities / events :

Muscat college students take part in all competitions or organized by the Omani Committee for College and University sports. These include (Beach ball – volleyball – table tennis- football, handball …….).

The Responsibilities of Sport Coach

  1. Train MC males’ official teams.
  2. Identify, recruit and train new members to MC males’ teams.
  3. Create awareness and encourage male students to practice in sports.
  4. Manage sports equipment’s (table tennis, snooker) in the males’ students’ hall.
  5. Accompany MC males’ teams in external participation.