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Student Affairs

Student Affairs Department staff members are the campus experts on knowledge and understanding about students and their development. Student Affairs Department staff play a dynamic role in the growth process of our students through the direct one on one interaction. Whether the issues involve clarification of values, career decisions or leadership development, different activities, Our Student Affairs staff are ideally placed to positively influence this process both in individuals and in the larger context. They will work with students who may be experiencing financial, personal or family concerns that interfere with academic work.

Support and follow up

Our students profile is rich with a diverse range of background and experiences. Our student services and support are focused on supporting our students’ requirements inside and outside campus. We welcome our student’s needs and provide services that range from necessary help to advice or important information for their life on campus.

At Muscat College our expert guidance and support are available to help you throughout your study. We realize that although student life can be exciting and rewarding at certain times, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. We ensure our services will not only assist you during the course of your studies but also help in preparing you for life after graduation.

In addition to the above our Student Affairs Department support and follows up on the below given concerns:
  • A. Helping students understand and comply with institutional requirements
  • B. Providing clear and accurate information regarding institutional policies, procedures and programmes.
  • C. Assisting students in the selection of courses and other educational experiences (e.g. internships)
  • D. Collecting and distributing data regarding student needs, preferences and performance for use in refining or revising institutional decisions, policies and procedures.
  • E. Social Guidance
  • F. Personal issues
  • G. Problems with your study
  • H. Financial issues
  • I. Skills Development through workshops, awareness Programmes

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It is very important to highlight the fact that through giving pieces of advice, helping students overcome their problems, whether with their classmates or with the College’s staff members, The Student Counselling staff aims at creating a congenial atmosphere where students can improve and mutually exchange ideas. The Student counsellor advice students in different ways overcome day to day challenges of college life and solve psychological issues which may affect their academic performance.

Career Guidance

Assisting students with decision-making and career direction. Interpreting various interest/ability inventories that provide students with information related to their career choices

"We measure our success with the level of our student satisfaction"


Muscat College provides students with the necessary assistance and guidance to help them find suitable student accommodation in the vicinity of the campus. Students can find suitable accommodation through Nozul mobile application approved by MOHE.


Muscat College provide transportation for student activities and visits. It also strives to help them obtain transportation to residential areas away from the College by connecting them with reliable bus owners.

Out of Hours

Our Student Affairs department is always available to provide support to our student during office hours, however there will be times when you will need assistant after duty hours. You can contact us outside working hours on 91717716 if you experiencing any of the following situation:

  • Concerned about your health and safety
  • Experiencing an emergency where ambulance, Police, Fire or Security is required you should call 9999 then alert us on above number