SQA Annual International Centre Event

The SQA Annual International Event  was held on the 17th and 18th of January 2018 in Sri Lanka. The event was conducted as a source of providing SQA’s support to the International Centers.

The main focus of the conference was sharing the good practices in quality assurance and assessment and also updating the SQA Centers with the latest developments from SQA. Mr. Alistair Shaw, Head of SQA International has given an overview of SQA’s international activities.  The conferrence sessions were mainly concentrating on two areas:

  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Assessments

Muscat College representative, Ms. Samra Ali Al Jahdhami, gave a presentation on SQA programmes and share the good practices with other centers. The presentation discussed the following areas:

  1. Muscat college graduate attributes
  2. Role of SQA coordinator
  3. SQA programme
  4. Scheduling of SQA programme
  5. MC Quality Assurance Handbook & MC Lecturer’s Manual
  6. Nature of assessments & Grading scheme
  7. Authentication of student evidences
  8. Academic support services
  9. Student learning support services (SLSS)
  10. Academic advising & Student study plan
  11. Conditions for academic termination and probation
  12. Attendance policy
  13. Library & virtual learning (Moodle LMS)
  14. SQA malpractice policy
  15. Student appeals and complaints
  16. Student code of conduct & Disciplinary rule
  17. Departmental activities
  18. Official communication channels
  19. Facilities

Many questions were asked discussing the challenges that Muscat College has faced through out the 16 years. In proportion to that, the presenter revealed the problems and main challenges and explained the role of Muscat College to overcome them and find the most appropriate solutions to ensure the quality of its academic programmes.