Research Unit


The Research  Unit (RU) was established at the College to lay down the foundation of scientific research at the College and to oversee matters related to Postgraduate Studies (PG). In particular, the unit is assigned the following tasks:

  • Supervision of scientific research activities in all units of the college
  • Application of research related rules and regulations for promoting and directing college research activities
  • Promoting research coordination among academic departments of the college
  • Functioning as the focal point of contact with TRC
  • Communication and coordination with other external research centers
  • Preparation of future plans for research at the College
  • Preparation of yearly timelines for research related activities at the College
  • Promotion of scientific research among faculty and students
  • Representing the college at external research related forums
  • Preparation of annual reports on the status of the research at the college.
  • Supervising research related symposiums, conference, and workshops in coordination with academic departments
  • Serving as a college coordinator with academic affiliates for PG studies
  • Coordinating with Admissions and Registration and academic departments about PG admissions, registration, and progress of students
  • Overseeing the faculty assigned to teach PG courses and supervise dissertations
  • Overseeing the timetabling for PG courses
  • Overseeing the teaching load for PG courses
  • Responsible to Assistant Dean for Academics
  • Any other duties assigned by the Dean