Research Unit

The Research  Unit (RU) was established at the College to lay down the foundation of scientific research at the College and to oversee matters

related to Postgraduate Studies (PG). In particular, the unit is assigned the following tasks:


The HRU in the College shall:


  • Coordinate research activities in the College.
  • Update the Academic Steering Committee (ACSC) on all matters related to research.
  • Provide the communication link between the College and the ACSC related to research.
  • Provide leadership to the Research and Ethics Committee- REC.
  • Maintain a record of research facilities and activities in the College.
  • Endorse research proposals following the REC discussions.
  • Ensure that all research projects and consultancy services are planned and performed in  accordance with the research regulations.
  • Provide support for the implementation of approved research projects/consultancy services through the College.
  • Coordinate with other colleges and other research centers taking part in research projects.
  • Promote and support all research related activities of the College (i.e. conferences, seminars, workshops etc.) as feasible.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate policies, procedures and practices of innovation.
  • Review all conferences/workshops/sabbatical leaves applied by faculty and recommend decisions for approval or otherwise.
  • Functioning as the focal point of contact with TRC.