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Research Unit

Muscat College is envisioned to be a dynamic institution that is distinctive in its focus on providing education for a sustainable future. The College’s Mission is to “provide lifelong learning through teaching, research, training, and community engagement. The College’s Strategic Plan 2015-20 emphasizes on research activities in order to foster the environment of creativity and innovation as stated in the Mission. The Strategic plan aims to “enhance research activities to contribute to the advancement of the country by liaising with external research bodies”. Specific key research performance indicators are set for the research activities at a strategic level in the plan. The College has been implementing the College Policy on Research and on Intellectual Property since August 2017. The College Policy on Research provides a framework for all researchers, whether staff or students in compliance with the Strategic plan/ Mission.


Muscat College has a well-defined organizational structure for research and is headed by Head of Research Unit with the support of Institutional Scientific Research Committee (ISRC). The organizational structure of Research Unit consists of Research and Technology Transfer Office (TTO). Staff and students of MC are motivated to do scientific research and publications by the research section. As per research policy, MC supports staff and students for publishing their work in national and international conferences and journals. TTO identifies the innovative ideas from staff and students of MC and support them to commercialize their works. TTO also coordinates all Technology Transfer activities between MC and national centres, handles Intellectual Property (IP) rights of innovations, and supports students to start start-ups.


Annually, the Research Unit operational plan outlines the activities and the budget required for research activities of the following academic year. The budget incorporates funding requirements for conference participation, research related professional development initiatives, publications and others. In line with the Muscat College Strategic Plan 2015-20, strategic goal aims to “enhance research activities to contribute to the advancement of the country by liaising with external research bodies”. The College, through its Research Unit, facilitates the achievement of research targets by coordinating research activities, providing support, acting as a communication link and endorsing research proposal after approval by the Institutional Scientific Research Committee (ISRC).

The College’s Policy on Research and Intellectual Property provides the framework and procedures for staff to pursue research and scholarly activities. All students and staff are expected to abide by ethical requirements relating to their research. Staff research that involves human participants must apply for an ethical approval from the College Institutional Scientific Research Committee (ISRC) prior to conduct the research. Similarly, students also require ethical approval for all programmes affiliated to the Scottish Qualification Authority and the University Malaysia Pahang. Student dissertations forming part of University of Stirling programmes are required to gain ethical approval from the University Ethics Committee .The College undertakes initiatives to encourage staff to inform teaching and learning with relevant research findings.

"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget"
– Alfred Mercier

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is established in Muscat College in 2019 with the support of Research Council Oman. Faculty of academic departments, staff of admin departments, undergraduate students and graduate Omani nationals are doing funded projects and actively involving in research activities. Workshops, awareness programmes, seminars and international conferences are organized by Research Unit.

The innovative ideas of staff and students are identified and supported for commercialization and start-ups by TTO. The Research Unit periodically reviews its achievements and activities through Entity and Activity Review. This helps in assessing the effectiveness of the approach implemented by the Research Unit and academic departments in conducting research activities every academic year.


Research policy in MC ensures the following objectives:

  • Provide, continuous support for effective research among faculty and students.
  • Promote research coordination between MC staff and students across all academic departments
  • Ensure effective communication about the policies and principles of scientific research at MC.
  • Increase the opportunities for cooperation with national and international networks.
  • Enhance scientific research activities that contribute to the advancement of the country by liaising with external research bodies.
  • Establish transparent and collective decision-making processes in the allocation of research funds and other kinds of support for research.