Master of Science in Management (MSc Management)

The field of management requires a diverse amount of knowledge of many related subjects. MSc Management tries to answer this need by including classes on a diverse set of topics, including marketing, project management, human resources management, IT management, innovation management, and more. Future managers are prepared to understand the complex interrelation between relevant business topics and to be able to contribute to relevant discussions. MSc Management features a significant focus on leadership skills and personal development. In many cases, teamwork exercises are an important component of MSc Management courses and seminars. This programme provides enhanced familiarities with the principles and techniques from the main management areas, so that the students are able to develop the knowledge, flexibility and skills-base needed for a wide range of management careers.

Programme objectives:

  • To give graduates an insight into modern management practices and an opportunity to develop the skills required for managing a business.
  • To empower students to explore the challenges that affect organizations, and compare a range of different management techniques used to lead business successfully.
  • To learn theoretical management skills and apply them to a range of business functions such as finance, marketing, and human resources.

Certification Authority:

University of Stirling – Visit the Site

Programme Length and Credits:

Programme Programme Length Credits
Post Graduate Diploma One Year (Two Semesters) 120 Credits
Master One & Half Years (Three Semesters) 180 Credits

Admission criteria:

You will need a minimum of a second-class honours degree in any subject, or an equivalent qualification.  Alternatively, Diploma/HND holder with significant work experience in the relevant area may also apply after prior approval.

Academic and English Requirements
Admission Requirements
Programme Timing
Module Requirements