About The Programme

The Bachelor with Honours in Marketing course is designed to introduce the current global business landscape, its shifting nature and subsequent challenges associated with business and marketing. Specifically for students planning a career in the marketing profession. This course provides students with an essential understanding of the marketing, consumer behaviour as well as the retaling process including supply chain and logistic issues.

Programme Structure  is designed to provide students with a broad grounding in business-related and management-oriented modules. These modules revolve around contemporary industrial and theoretical issues relating to general Management, Marketing, Entreprenurship, Human Resources and Organisations. The student will will undertake a Marketing and Retail Consultancy project which has been purposefully designed to engage students with ‘live’ marketing practice, develop their ‘marketer’ skills, and lead them to dissertation.

Programme Objectives

The program aims to equip the students with the following skills

  • To develop a critical understanding of the complexities of the marketing issues.

In educating students who may become tomorrow’s Marketing Managers, there is an obvious responsibility to keep up to date with contemporary developments in both practice and research and to develop a critical understanding of how marketing is related to the aims of businesses and dealing with the firm’s environment, competitors, suppliers, technology, economic/regulatory forces, and consumers that are constantly changing, and understanding and responding to consumer wants and needs

  • To introduce students to the approach and methods of applied social science.

Marketing, as a branch of management education, is a discipline in which our understanding has to be based on research and evidence. Graduates should be able to they recognize problems, even anticipate them, and create new ways to deal with them as they go, so they should be able to apply sophisticated statistical, mathematical, and analytical tools in order to make the best possible use of available information.

  • To be contemporary.

Rapid changes in markets, technology, mean that we cannot see the subject as a static body of knowledge but rather as a set of processes with differing manifestations and consequences.

  • To own unique competencies:

The program aims to obtain the candidates special competencies in Persuasion, Opportunity Spotting, Creativity, Research, Teamwork, and IT.


Programme length and credit

Programme Programme Length Credits
Diploma in Higher Education (Marketing) Two Years (Four Semesters) 240
Bachelor Degree with Honours (Marketing) Four Years (Eight Semesters) 480

 College Requirement Course

All the students are required to study a College requirement course “Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovation course” for 3 Credit Hours during the second year of their academic programme, apart from the programme requirements.

Admission requirements

Year 1 Entry: Pass in the Secondary School with 60% in the Muscat College Foundation


Year 3 Entry: HND (in a related subject only) with minimum B’s in all the Graded Units. A

Graded Unit which has been upgraded to a B will be acceptable

Awarding Body

After the successful completion of the program requirements, the students will be awarded with the certificates from the University of Stirling.


Programme Structure