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His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Speech

Youth are the wealth of a nation, its inexhaustible resource and the arms that build it. They are its present and future. We will always listen to them, and sense their needs, interests and aspirations which will definitely be accorded the attention that they deserve.

On top of our national priorities is the education sector, with all its types and levels. It will receive full attention, and it will be provided with the supporting environment which motivates research and innovation. We will also provide it with all means of empowerment, since it is the base upon which our children will be able to participate in meeting the requirements of the coming phase of development.

Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said
Sulthan of Oman

Address by his Majesty, UNESCO 4/10/2005

“The human being as we have always said, is the power, the instrument and the ultimate aim of national development. Thus we exert every effort to provide him with these essential qualities so that we can all, together, build our nation.

You are aware that there are countries in the world which do not possess rich natural resources, but nevertheless have cared for their people and directed them in the right direction, developed their skills and provided them with technological experience in order to face their domestic and international evolution.

Therefore, their innate abilities have been realized and their inventions have been eagerly sought throughout the world. By this means they have taken their place in the forefront of the developed countries”

Sulthan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said