The General Foundation Programme

The General Foundation Programme prepares students to gain the necessary proficiency in English, mathematics, Information Technology and study skills to further their academic studies.

The Programme is based on the Global Scale of English (GSE), the world’s first global English language standard that allows the measurement of progress accurately and easily. The GSE is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference of languages (CEFR).

The Programme is delivered over four blocks of eight weeks over two semesters: Autumn and Spring.  Upon exiting, students attain English levels ranging from Intermediate (B1- B1+) to Upper Intermediate of English (B2- B2+).

Below is a table showing the correlation between the GSE, CEFR and English general language levels and the IELTS band scores.

Global Scale of English (GSE) CEFR Level General Level IELTS Level
10-21 A – A+ Beginner 1.0-2.0
22-29 A1 – A1+ Elementary 2.5-3.0
30-42 A2 – A2+ Pre-Intermediate 3.5-4.0
43-58 B1 – B1+ Intermediate 4.5-5.0
50-59 (B1-) – B1+ Intermediate 5.0
59-75 B2 – B2+ Upper Intermediate 5.5
60-75 (B2-) – B2+ Upper Intermediate 5.5-6.0
76-84 C1 – C1+ Advanced 6.5-7.0


The General Foundation Programme prepares students to:

  • Gain the necessary English language skills as well as critical and analytical skills to enable them to cope with the demands of the undergraduate programmes.
  • Develop broad intellectual thinking and life skills that are vital today.
  • Develop and improve their mathematical and IT skills required to cope with the demands of the undergraduate programmes.

The mission of the General Foundation Programme is to provide excellent teaching and learning that is innovative, interactive and that encourages students to be successful learners and confident, responsible citizens of the 21st century.