Bachelor of Computer Science/ Computer Systems and Networking with Honours in Academic Affiliation with University Malaysia Pahang.


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Muscat College

Founded in 1996, Muscat College is a pioneer higher educational institution in Oman. The College seriously emphasizes quality in its academic programs, faculty, infrastructure and students. The College is affiliated with Stirling University of Scotland and University Malaysia Pahang for its Bachelor degree programs with Honours, and with Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) for its HND programs. The College is highly ranked for its extra curricular activities.


University Malaysia Pahang

University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is a competency based governmental technological university which specialises in the fields of engineering and technology. UMP is committed to the development of human capital and technology to fulfill the needs of industries. It is the first public university to be conferred a Digital University status in the East Coast Region of Peninsular Malaysia.

UMP is ranked and rated as:

  • One of the top 15 Asian universities with high publication growth rates and in-region collaboration in Engineering by the UNESCO
  • MSC-status tertiary education provider since 2004
  • 5-Star for the university’s official website in the Malaysia Government Portals and Websites Assessment (MGPWA)
  • 5-Star for Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education’s MyMoHES database

Structure of the Computer Systems &Networking Program

Bachelor Degree in Computer Systems and Networking with Honours provides a firm foundation in the design and development of computer systems and networks. Particular emphasis is on Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Data Communication and Networking, Data and Network security, Network Technology, Internet Technology and WAN Technology which are more suited for global and local need of the market. The programme aims to produce graduates who will be able to develop and maintain computer systems and networking based on industrial practice by using standard methods and tools. It also emphasizes managerial and entrepreneurial skills, technical solutions, and team work.

Employment Prospects for Graduates

Graduates will be qualified to work in Computer Systems and Networking roles that range from general to specialized. Some possible career opportunities include: Computer Systems and Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Server Administrator, System and Network Analyst, Network Security, Technoprenuership, Consultant, Information System Officer.


Entry Requirements

Students are expected to complete the General Education Diploma (General Secondary) or its equivalent and meet the English language requirements (General English Language Certificate) or its equivalent.

Students with HND/diploma in related fields from other colleges/universities can apply for admission into the program. The admission will be subjected to credits transfer process.

Program Information:

Normal Study Period: 4 years / 8 Semesters after English Foundation Program with 120 credit hours. However, students may take longer to graduate in case of slow progression.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Systems and Networking) with Honours..

Awarding Body: After the successful completion of the program requirements, the students will be awarded with the Award/Exit certificates from Muscat College which is recognised by the University of Malaysia Pahang.

Exit Diploma: In Computer Science after 2 years / 4 Semester of study with 60 credit hours.

Normal Study Load: Five courses / 15 credit hours per semester. Extended load up to six courses (18 credit hours) per semester may be granted for students with CGPA higher than 3.67 with departmental approval.

For More Details

Admission and Registration Contact: P.O Box: 2910, PC 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman, Telephone: 24503821, 24503207, Fax: 24504954

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