BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH HONOURS IN BUSINESS STUDIES in Academic Affiliation with University of Stirling


The program aims to equip the students with the following skills:

  • Build a strong knowledge base and master the skills and competencies to form a foundation from which managerial expertise can develop throughout their working life.
  • Develops understanding of the internal functions and structures of organizations.
  • Various elements of running a business and management of an organization.
  • Research work aimed at utilizing the skills acquired and mapping it in real business world environment.
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills through group work activities within a very supportive environment.
  • Development of appropriate skills and knowledge and the students understanding of the world of business and management in the workplace

Duration and the entrance requirements:

The course would normally be taken on 4 year full time basis. For the award of Diploma, a minimum of 240 credits must be achieved. Advanced Diploma Degree, a minimum of 360 credits must be achieved. For the award of a Bachelor with Honours Degree 480 credits must be achieved.


Graduates will have knowledge of various aspects of business processes. This makes them an ideal choice for a range of jobs across various sectors. The degree is compatible to any business environment.


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