BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH HONOURS IN BUSINESS COMPUTING in Academic Affiliation with University of Stirling


aqq1The programme aims to produce graduates who will:

  • be able to demonstrate a detailed understanding, knowledge and experience of the theory, practice and applications of business computing,
  • be equipped to apply appropriate scientific and engineering practices in the development and construction of computer-based systems for the solution of practical problems,
  • be adaptable, have good communication skills and have a firm understanding of computing in order to meet the changing demands of the real world and a modern technological society,
  • appreciate the need for continuing professional development in recognition of the need for lifelong learning,
  • have an understanding of the professional standards and responsibilities demanded of the computer professional by industry, commerce and society.

Duration and the entrance requirements:

The course would normally be undertaken on a 4 year full time basis. For the award of a Diploma, a minimum of 240 credits must be achieved. For the award of an Advanced Diploma degree, a minimum of 360 credits must be achieved. For the award of a Bachelor with Honours degree, a minimum of 480 credits must be achieved.


Graduates will have knowledge of both Business and Computing Science. They will be ideally placed to work either in the software industry itself or in a more strategic role, developing the use of IT in business. Possible employers range from consulting firms to IT users such as government, banks, insurance and industry.

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