About The Programme

The Programme emphasis is on organisations and how computers are used within them. In addition, students have the basic skills of designing and building software systems. They have a broad base of skills by combining theory and practice – a skill set that resonates well with employers, whether in the software industry itself or in a wider and more strategic context, developing the use of IT in any business. Our Business Computing graduates are equipped with the knowledge of both Business and Computing Science. They will be ideally placed to work either in the software industry itself or in a more strategic role, developing the use of IT in business. Possible employers range from consulting firms to IT users such as government, banks, insurance and industry, and to software users and institutions in teaching and research.  This programme is accredited and recognized by BCS (British Computer Society).

Programme Objectives

The programme aims to produce graduates who will:

  • be able to demonstrate a detailed understanding, knowledge and experience of the theory, practice and applications of business computing,
  • be equipped to apply appropriate scientific and engineering practices in the development and construction of computer-based systems for the solution of practical problems,
  • be adaptable, have good communication skills and have a firm understanding of computing in order to meet the changing demands of the real world and a modern technological society,
  • appreciate the need for continuing professional development in recognition of the need for lifelong learning,
  • have an understanding of the professional standards and responsibilities demanded of the computer professional by industry, commerce and society.

Programme length and credit

Year Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four
Minimum required credit points 240 480
Accredited award as per the Oman national framework Diploma in Higher Education (Business Computing)  Bachelor with Honours (Business Computing)


College Requirement Course

All the students are required to study a College requirement course “Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovation course” for 3 Credit Hours during the second year of their academic programme, apart from the programme requirements.

Admission requirements

Year 1 Entry: First Year Admission

1.Academic Requirement

General Diploma Certificate (equivalent to 12 years of Schooling with minimum 60% of marks)

2. English Language Requirement

Entry requirement for the Bachelor with Honours Programme is a score of minimum of band 6 on an IELTS equivalent score with a minimum of 5.5 in each component.

Year 3 Entry: Third Year Direct Admission

Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Higher National Diploma (HND in a related subject only) with minimum B’s in all the Graded Units. A Graded Unit which has been upgraded to a B will be acceptable.

Awarding Body:

After the successful completion of the program requirements, the students will be awarded with the certificates from the University of Stirling.

Programme Structure