About Us

Founded in year 1996, Muscat College is one of the oldest private colleges in Oman. Ever since, then college has been shouldering the responsibilities of teaching undergraduate students. Creative and innovative approaches towards efficient learning and scientific developments are at the core of our mission. We endeavour to create and enrich the environment that promotes intellectual pursuits atcritical thinking, excellence and the search for scientific knowledge befitting the national requirements. Faculty, staff and students, alike, cherish academic freedom with full responsibility. Muscat College was one of the pioneering colleges in Oman to initiate undergraduate studies at the Bachelor with Honours Degree Level.

Muscat College is well known for the quality of its academic programs and supporting facilities and services, which aim at providing students with a true college education. The College offers undergraduate HND programs in affiliation with Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA), as well as Bachelor with Honours programs inaffiliation with Stirling University, Scotland.The College signed a partnership agreement with Universiti Malaysia Pahang to offer Bachelor programs with Honors in focused technological fields such as Computer Network Systems, and Software Engineering from the academic year 2015-2016. We have started our Masters programme in Management from academic year 2017-18. We plan to offer Masters programme in Big Data (MSc in Big Data) from academic year 2019-20.

Our vision emphasizes to be a To be a dynamic institution that is distinctive in its focus on providing education for sustainable future. Our mission is to  provide lifelong learning supported through teaching, research, training and community engagement.

Our strategy for fulfilling our vision is to: (1) establish effective programs affiliated with world universities, (2) produce students with leadership qualities, (3) build strong links with communities and institutions in Oman and abroad, and (4) lay down a solid infrastructure for future research.

Muscat College Profile

  • Muscat College was established in 1996 as a private academic Omani institution of higher education.
  • Muscat College  is located in the capital-Muscat and started its first academic year in 1997.
  • Muscat College is under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher  Education in Oman.
  • In 2001, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) approved Muscat College as an “SQA Centre” similar to the other centres in UK & Europe.


Muscat College has its own ambitious specific objectives which are centred on the followings:

  • To deliver a high level of academic education and practical skills through the various offered fields of specialisation to meet the demands of the current private and public sectors as well as the needs of the Sultanate’s development plans.
  • To develop student’s skills and intellectual abilities by keeping them at the forefront of their subject areas and in so doing they will be beneficial to themselves and their country.
  • To make sure that student’s learning environment is characterised by strict discipline and high ethical values, since students are the backbone of society, the creative thinkers of the future and the moving force to the wheel of progress development.