Muscat College Chairman Participates in A’ Doha Forum

heeeMuscat College Chairman Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Ghazali has participated in A’ Doha Forum which was held in A’Doha for the 11th time under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Prince of Qatar. The forum was organised by the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar with the cooperation of Qatar University and several local and international research and studies centres. The forum started on the 9th of May, and it has ended  on 10th May.

It  discussed many issues related to the Middle East, International stability, freedom of expression and other important issues. Many countries presidents, academicians, business men and many other people had attend the forum. H.E. Dr. Ahmed Al Ghazali was invited to attend by the organizing committee of the forum.








صندوق الرفد بكلية مسقط

في ظل حرص كلية مسقط  على تأهيل طلابها لمواجهة تحديات سوق العمل وحرصا على رفع ثقافة العمل الحر وتأهيل الطلاب الراغبين في أن يكون لديهم مشاريعهم الخاصة تم التنسيق مع صندوق الرفد لعمل ورشة عمل لعدد 35 طالب وطالبة من طلاب السنة الأخيرة والمتوقع تخرجهم قريبا وقد اقيمت ورشة العمل يوم 14 أبريل 2015م بأحد القاعات الدراسية بالكلية وتمركزت محاور ورشة العمل عن التعريف بالبرامج التمويلية وخدمات الصندوق وشروط التمويل للمشروعات وكيفية تعبئة الاستمارة لطلب التمويل ونشأة الصندوق ومميزاته

Al Raffd Fund at Muscat College

Muscat College has conducted a workshop on April 14th 2015 to educate its students to meet the employment market challenges. It aimed to raise the self-employment culture and to rehabilitate the students wishing to have their own business in coordination with Al Raffd Fund.

35 students who are expected to graduate soon have attended the workshop. The topics of the workshop included definition of the financing programs, fund services, the terms of financing for the projects and how to complete the form to request funding.