1ac1aThe awards are designed for those who wish to take up a career in accounting and/or financial administration within a range of business organizations. The Advanced Certificate in Accounting is a general accounting award which allows candidates to gain skills and knowledge in financial accounting and cost accounting using manual and computerized methods.

Students are required to obtain a minimum of 12 credits for the Advanced Certificate award, 9 of them are core units and 3 are option. In the Advanced Diploma award, the students are required to obtain minimum 30 credits, 19 are core units and 11 are options. A credit value is equivalent to 44 contact hours and 36 independent study hours.

Duration and the entrance requirements:

The course would normally be undertaken on a 2 year full-time basis. The academic year comprises 3 semesters. The entrance requirements: Higher Education Certificate, or other equivalent certificate. Also, students have to pass an English language placement test.

College Requirement Course

All the students are required to study a College requirement course “Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovation course” for 3 Credit Hours during the second year of their academic programme, apart from the programme requirements.


This award is aimed at those employed, or wishing to be employed in roles such as accounts assistant, trainee accountant and financial administrator. The Advanced Diploma in Accounting is a development of the Advanced Certificate qualification. As such it is intended to prepare candidates for employment in roles such as Assistant management Accountant.

Awarding Body:

After the successful completion of the program requirements, the students will be awarded with the certificates from the Scottish Qualification Authority

Course Framework (PDF)