Staff Profile- Computing


Dr. Reshmy Krishnan Associate Professor,
Head Of Department
Room No. 3107, Ext. 73


Teaching Interest Data Mining, Semantic Web, Database, Web applications, Multimedia, Ontology, Data warehousing.
Courses Units Taught Information Systems, Database management systems, Multimedia, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Java, web designing tools. computer graphics, Data warehousing,, E-commerce, Project management, data mining, Oracle.
Qualification Post Doctoral Fellowship ( Stirling University, UK), Ph.D, ME, BE
Research Interest Data mining, Semantic web, Ontology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Warehousing
Publications # “Adaptive Questionnaire Ontology in Gathering Patient Medical History in Diabetes Domain”, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, springer, Volume 285, 2014, pp 453-460.
# “Semantic Analysis and Prediction of Various Risks of Diabetic Patients”, Knowledge Engineering and the Semantic Web Communications in Computer and Information Science, springer, Volume 468, 2014, pp 120-127
# “Ontology Driven Analysis And Prediction of Patient Risk in Diabetes”, Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, SENRA Academic Publishers, British Columbia, Vol. 8, No. 3, October 2014, Online ISSN: 1920-3853; Print ISSN: 1715-9997.

Dr. Shermina J
Assistant Professor
Deputy Head of Department
Room No. 3111, Ext. 63




Teaching Interest Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Image Processing, Game Technology.
Courses Units Taught Multimedia and Human Computer Interactions, Database Principles and Applications, Software Engineering, Communications and Networking, Systems1, Objects and Information Systems, Programming and User Accessibility, Computing Skills and Applications, Object Oriented Programming in Java, An Object Oriented Approach to Programming in C++, Software Development : Abstract Data Structures in Java, Software Development : Structured System Analysis & Design, Software Development : Program Planning, Software Development : Procedural Language, System Development : Introduction, Project Management, Information Technology Applications Software 1, Network Technology, Computer Architecture, Data Communication, Internet : Introducing E-Commerce, Office Technology.
Qualification Ph.D, ME, BE
Research Interest Image Processing, Software Engineering, Semantic web
Publications # Khalid Salim Rashid Al Risi and Shermina J, “Cloned Screen Application”, Majan College International Conference (MIC’14) held at Majan College in Muscat-Oman, April 8-9 2014.
# Khulood Ibrahim Awad Thani and Shermina J, “An Innovative Web Based Uno Card Game”, Majan College International Conference (MIC’14) held at Majan College in Muscat-Oman, April 8-9 2014.
# Kishore Nambeesan, Shermina.J & Menila James, “A study on the Challenges and Issues in Technology based learning faced by the Part-Time Students in Oman”, International Conference (ICOET-2013) Organized by OSET, Muscat, Oman, March 2013.

Dr. Menila James
Assistant Professor (Director- QA)
Room No. 1111, Ext. 43



Teaching Interest Software Engineering, Digital Image Processing Multimedia, Information Systems.
Courses Units Taught Software Engineering, Multimedia & Human Computer Interaction, Object Oriented Design, Object Oriented Programming Project Management, Managing Information, Objects and Information Systema, Programming and Computer Accessibility, Network Technology, Computing Skills and Applications, Internet: Introducing e-commerce, Computer Operating Systems.
Qualification PhD, Mphil, MCA.
Research Interest Pattern Recognition and Image Processing.
Publications # “Face Recognition in compressed domain by applying Wavelet Transform and feature vector optimization ” Journal of Applied Sciences (Indexed in Thomson Reuters Master Journal List, 2011 SJR 0.038), January 2013.
# “Face Recognition in compressed domain by applying Canonical Correlation Analysis based feature vector optimization and Neural Network matching”, International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, IJCSNS, Vol. 12 No.05, May 2012.
# “Human Face Recognition in wavelet compressed domain using Canonical Correlation Analysis”, International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol 37, February 2012.

Dr. Sarachandran Nair
Assistant Professor, MIS Manager
Room No. 3113, Ext. 50


Teaching Interest Database Management, Project Management, Communications & Networking
Courses Units Taught Database Management, Project Management, Communications & Networking
Qualification PhD, MPhil, MCom
Research Interest E-Learning and Cloud Computing.
Publications # “Evaluation of e-Learning: A Comparative Study between a Private College in Oman and an Affiliated University in UK”, IJAECE, volume 1, Issue 7, October 2012, ISSN: 2278-1412.#“Cloud Computing: An Emerging Technology in the Sultanate of Oman”, IJARCSSE, volume 2, Issue 10, October 2012, ISSN: 2277-128X.# “A Study on the Impact of Learning Management Systems on Students of a University College in Sultanate of Oman”, IJCSI, volume 9, Issue 2, March 2012, ISSN: 1694-0814.

Gamal Abdel Nassir
Awad Ali Mohammed

Assistant Professor,
Supervisor Academic Advising,
Room No. 3117, Ext. 52




Teaching Interest System & Network Security, Visual & Object Oriented Programming, Database Management, Project Management, Information Systems.
Courses Units Taught Web Programming and Network Security, Computer Security Concepts, Visual & Object Oriented Programming (VB.NET & Java), Database Management (Oracle), Project Management, Computer Operating Systems, Multiuser Operating Systems, E-Commerce, BIM, MIS, PEC, WPT, Information Systems, Computer Principles & Applications.
Qualification MSc, BSc.
Research Interest Information System & Network Security, Malware Detection & Data Mining.
Publications # “Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Locations Prediction by using Artificial Neural Networks: Considerations and Future Directions”. 2013. International Journal in Computer Technology and Applications: IJCTA-Volume 4 Issue 1/ January-February 2013 / Page-2.
# Participated as one of the key power speakers for the IDC IT Security Roadshow 2013. 19th May at the Bustan Palace Hotel, Muscat-Oman. My presentation titled “Information Security Risk Assessment (ISRA) in Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). The content of this presentation was later loaded and showed on the proceedings and made available on IDC website:


Dr.Elrasheed Ismail
Assistant Professor
Room No. 3113, Ext. 50


Teaching Interest Networking , Communication , Security and systems, Professional issues, Distributed and cloud computing, Architecture and Hardware.
Courses Units Taught Computer system security & data assurance, hardware installation & Maintenance. Data communication and networking, professional issues in computing, Computer Information systems.Systems1, Database Management, Project Management, Computer Operationg Systems, E-Commerece, client and server OS, UNIX, Linux, Office Technology.
Qualification PhD, MCE
Research Interest Cloud Computing, Securtiy Risk Management.
Publications # “A Novel Design and development of Persistence Layers for Heterogeneous Synchronous Replication ” International Conference on Software Engineering & Computer Systems ICSECS 2012, UMP, Malaysia
# ” Cloud Computing: Comparison of Various Features”. In E. Ariwa and E. Qawasmeh (Eds.): DEIS 2012, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer Verlag, Vol. 194, pp. 243–254, 2012.
#  “CLOUD COMPUTING: Analysis of Various Platforms”. International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, 3(2), pp. 52-60, April-June 2012.

Dr. Roman Ullah
Assistant Professor,
Room No. 3108, Ext. 47

Teaching Interest Mathematics, Statistics
Courses Units Taught Calculus,  Real Analysis, Complex Analysis , Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete Structures, Probaility Theory, Practical Statistics, Optimization Theory, Differential Equations
Qualification PhD (Mathematics)
Research Interest Biomathematics, Control  Theory
  1. Roman Ullah, Gul Zaman, Saeed Islam, Multiple Control Strategies for Prevention of Avian Influenza Pandemic, The Scientific World Journal, Volume 2014, Article ID 949718, 9 pages,
  1. Roman Ullah, Gul Zaman, Saeed Islam, Prevention of Influenza Pandemic by Multiple Control Strategies, Journal of Applied Mathematics, Volume 2012, Article ID 294275, 14 pages, doi:10.1155/2012/294275.

Mr. P. Saravanan
Assistant Professor
Room No. 3106, Ext. 31




Teaching Interest Computer network, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Multimedia, Programming languages, Data Structure.
Courses /Unit Taught Multimedia, Project Management, Multi User Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Data Communication & Computer Network, Information Technology Application Software, Data Base Management Systems, Web design, Computer Systems Fundamentals, Operating System, Open Source Command line operating systems, System Development Introduction, Computing Planning, Programming Languages, Data Structure, Design & Analysis of Algorithms.
Qualification M.Tech ( Computer Science & Data Processing), M.Phil, M.Sc.
Research Interest Image Processing, Computer Networking
Publications # “An Optimal Noise Removal Approach for Lateral Skull Images” , published in (IJITR) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH, Volume No. 3, Issue No. 1, February-March 2013, 001 – 007
# “ Intent Based Security Challenges in Android-An Analysis & Recommendation”
published in International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.13 No.1, 46- 50, January 2013.
Proceeding of the International conference on Pattern Recognition, Informatics and Medical Engineering( PRIME 2012) at PERIYAR UNIVERSITY, Salem, TN, India.DigitalObjectIdentifier:10.1109/PRIME.2012.6208363,Pages: 307-311, 2012, IEEE CONFERENCE PUBLICATIONS.

T. Sheeba
Assistant Professor
Room No. 3120, Ext. 53




Teaching Interest Data Structures, Web Programming, Developing Multimedia Applications, Project Management.
Courses /Unit Taught Developing Multimedia Applications, Abstract and Linked Data Structures, Networking, Project Management, Computer Architecture, Computer Operating Systems, Developing for World Wide Web, Network Server Operating System.
Qualification ME,BE
Research Interest Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Fuzzy Logic.
Publications # “An Ontology Approach to represent User Profiles in E-Learning”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Vol. 2, Issue 02, Page No : 1-6, ISSN: 2278-0181, February 2013.
#“Semantic Web to E-Learning Content” International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE), Volume 2, Issue 10, Page No: 58 -66, ISSN: 2277 128X, October 2012.
# “An Ontology in Project Management Knowledge Domain” International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 56 – No.5, Page No: 1-7, ISSN: 0975 – 8887, October 2012.

Ms.Praseeda Manoj
Assistant Professor,
Room No. 3115, Ext. 51


Teaching Interest Database Management System, Data Mining, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Event Driven Programming and Multimedia.
Courses /Unit Taught Information Technology Application Software1, Computing Planning, Computer Operating System1, Event Driven Programming (Visual Basic), Object Oriented Programming (Java), SD: Introduction, SD: Array Data Structure, SD: Linked Data Structure, SD: Object Oriented Design, Fourth Generation Environment(ORACLE),HNC: Graded Unit1, HND: Graded Unit 2,Information Systems and Practical Statistics.
Qualification MPhil, MCA, MSc.
Research Interest Data Mining, Data Analytics.
Publications # Predictive Analytics in Cloud Computing- ICIC-2014April-Conference-ISBN No: 978-81-9291131-0-0.
# “Business Solutions using Mobile Technologies” for IEEE International conference- March 22, 23 2013. ISBN No: 978-1-4673-5088-4.
# A review of trends and technologies in business analytics –IJARCS-Volume5-Nov-Dec-2014.

Ms. Hameetha Begum
Assistant Professor
Room No. 3120, Ext. 53




Teaching Interest Data Mining, Web Developments
Courses /Unit Taught Information Systems, Data Mining, Bayesian Belief Network Web Development Fundamentals, Database principles and applications, Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction, Adobe Flash, Computer Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Java, HTML5 ,XHTML, CSS, Professional Issues in Computing, Developing for World Wide Web, Alice with Java and Troubleshooting Computing Fundamentals
Qualification M.S., M.Phil (Computer Science)
Research Interest Data Mining, E-Learning and Cloud Computing
Publications # Health InSys (Health Inspection System), International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887), Majan College International Conference (MIC-2014), ISSN: 0975 – 8887.
# Semantic Web to E-Learning Content, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2012, Page No : 58-66, ISSN: 2277 128X
# Security in Cloud based E-Learning, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 01, January 2013, Page No : 270-278, ISSN: 2277 128X

Ms.Smitha Nayak
Assistant Professor
Room No. 3115, Ext. 51




Teaching Interest Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Event Driven Programming.
Courses /Unit Taught Objects and Information Systems, Computing Planning, Operating Systems, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Object Oriented Programming, Multi User Operating System, Data Structure, Professional Issues in Computing, Object Oriented Design, Developing World Wide Web, E-commerce, Project management, Database Management Systems.
Qualification Master of Computer Application.
Research Interest Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Publications # Cloud Computing As an Emerging Paradigm- International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security- January 30, 2012- Vol.12, No.1.
# Cybercrime: A threat to Network Security- International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security- February 29, 2012- Vol.12, No.2.
# Issues in Data Mining and Information Retrieval- International Journal of Computer Science & Communication Networks- February-March 2012- Vol.12, No.1.

Ms.Madhuri V.Joseph
Assistant Professor
Room No. 3106, Ext. 31




Teaching Interest Database Management, DataStructures, Data Mining, Web Applications,Operating Systems
Courses /Unit Taught e-Commerce, System Analysis and Design, Information and Communication Technology in Business, Project Management, Object Oriented Design, Array & Linked Data Structures, Developing for World Wide Web,HTML, Javascript & ASP
Qualification MCA
Research Interest Data Mining
Publications # “Significance of Data Warehousing and Data Mining in Business Applications “, IJSCE, Volume 3, Issue 1. ISSN: 2231-2307
# “Data Mining and Business Intelligence Applications in Telecommunication Industry”, IJEAT, Volume 2, Issue 3. ISSN: 2249 – 8958
# “Data Mining: A Comparative Study on Various Techniques and Methods” , IJARCSSE, Volume 3, Issue 2. ISSN: 2277 128X

Ms.Janaki Sivakumar
Senior Lecturer
Room No. 3115, Ext. 51




Teaching Interest Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Abstract Data Structures, Fourth generation Environment
Courses /Unit Taught Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Array Data Structures,Linked data Structures,Planning in SE, Fourth Generation Environment
Qualification MPhil (CS),MCA
Research Interest Medical Image Processing
Publications # “Computed radiography skull image enhancement using Wiener filter”, IEEE Xplore, 21-23 March 2012# “Intent Based Security Challenges in Android-An Analysis & Recommendation”, IJCSNS, Volume No: 13, January, 2013
# “Multi Variant Analysis and validation study on Mastoid Triangle Process for Gender Identification”, IJITR, Volume No. 1, Issue No. 2, February-March 2013

Ms.Afnan Adil Shukri
Senior Lecturer
Room No. 3108, Ext. 47




Teaching Interest Computer Network ,Information System, Web Developments
Courses /Unit Taught Networking, Web Design, Data Structure
Qualification M.Sc. Computer Engineering & Information Technology
Research Interest Computer Networking
Publications # Book titled “A Scalable Wireless LAN Monitoring. And Auditing Scheme”, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing ,ISBN 978-3-659-63555-7 ,2014.
#”Effective Wireless Monitoring Tool” University of Technology Journal ,2009.

Ms.Vanaja Rajan
Senior Lecturer
Room No.3106, Ext. 31




Teaching Interest Calculus, Topology, Analysis
Courses /Unit Taught College Mathematics, Discrete Structures, Practical Statistics
Qualification M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed
Research Interest Uniform Spaces, Topology
Publications # “Data Mining: A Comparative Study on Various Techniques and Methods” IJARCSSE Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2013.ISSN: 2277 128X.

Ms. Yusra Mubarak Al Minje
Room No. OF01, Ext. 703




Teaching Interest IT-foundation, Networking
Courses /Unit Taught IC3,CCNA ,Information system
Qualification Bachelor degree Information Technology -Networking
Research Interest Learning through Technology, social media

Ms.Mili Mary Varghese
Room No.3108, Ext. 47




Teaching Interest Multimedia Application development, Web Application, Database Management Systems
Courses /Unit Taught System Development: Introduction, Event Driven Programming, Hardware Installation and Maintenance, Building a Networking PC, Developing for World Wide Web, Computer System Fundamentals, IT foundation
Qualification Masters of Computer Application, Oracle Certified Professional
Research Interest Adaptive Web-based Systems, Semantic Web

Mr.Mudhar Mustafa Al Najjar
Room No.3108, Ext. 47




Teaching Interest Operating system, Information technology & Application Software, Information Technology in Business, Networking, Web Application, IT Foundation.
Courses /Unit Taught HHardware Devices & Software Applications, Information system, Computer viruses, Office Technology, Computer Operating System, Information Commination technology in Business, Applications of Microsoft office.
Qualification Master of Computer Science;Bachelor in Information Technology.
Research Interest Networking & Multimedia Applications.