Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing Science


The programme aims to produce graduates who will:

  • be able to demonstrate a detailed understanding, knowledge and experience of the theory, practice and applications of computing science,
  • be equipped to apply appropriate scientific and engineering practices in the development and construction of computer-based systems for the solution of practical problems,
  • be adaptable, have good communication skills and have a firm understanding of computing in order to meet the changing demands of the real world and a modern technological society,
  • appreciate the need for continuing professional development in recognition of the need for lifelong learning,
  • have an understanding of the professional standards and responsibilities demanded of the computer professional by industry, commerce and society.

Duration :

The course would normally be undertaken on a 4 year full time basis. For the award of a Diploma, a minimum of 240 credits must be achieved. For the award of an Advanced Diploma degree, a minimum of 360 credits must be achieved. For the award of a Bachelor with Honours degree, a minimum of 480 credits must be achieved.

Careers :

A Computing Science degree place you at the forefront of computing in a web-based world, giving you a broad range of skills, including the internet and web technologies, and experience in applications ranging from computer games, multimedia and internet telephony to e-commerce and biologically-inspired computing. Graduates will be well-equipped to enter either the software industry itself or one of the many fields in which computer systems are extensively used and developed.

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