Staff Profile – Business & Accounting



Dr. Araby Madbouly
Acting HoD,
Room No: 0F02, Ext: 702

Teaching Interest Economics
Courses Units Taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Money and Banking, Public Finance, Managerial Economics
Qualification Ph.D. in Economics ,Master in Economics.
Research Interest Currency Crisis, Emerging Markets, Exchange Rate, International Reserves, Financial Markets, Economic Development, Entrepreneurship.
Publications “Microeconomics”, A Published book, Dubai, 2010.Translation for book titled “Globalization and Liberalization: The Development Against the Most Powerful Events”, UNCTAD, 2000.”The Development of Banking Credit in Egypt”, Paper presented at symposium The role of Banking Credit in market promotion, Center for Foreign Trade Researches and Studies – Helwan University, March, 1999
Dr.Mathew Philip

Dr. Mathew Philip.  Associate Professor (Asst. Dean for Academics) , Room No. 1110, Ext. 40





Teaching Interest Marketing Management , Management Theories; Business Strategies, Research Methods, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Courses Units Taught Understanding Consumers , Business in the 21st century, Business Environment, Learning and Development, Marketing Management, Managing Organizations, Business in Context, Business Studies Dissertations.
Qualification MBA, PhD.
Research Interest Organisational Theories, Marketing and Development of Business Models.
Publications # Philip,M. 2010. Managing Creativity for Organisational Performance. Invertis Journal of Management. 2 (1). 2010.# Philip, M.2010. ERP and Supply Chain Management’s Performance. GITAM Journal of Management. 8(2).15-30.# Philip, M. 2011. The success factors of small business. Amity Global Business Review. 1 (6).62-71.

Dr.Preeti Shrivastava
Deputy- HOD, Asst. Professor
Room No: OF05, Ext: 704

Teaching Interest Management courses with IT Applications
Courses Units Taught Management & Information Technology, Managing Organizations, International Business, Project Management, OSH, Project Risk management and application  based IT courses.
Qualification MBA, PhD
Research Interest & Publications Research  Interest:Online Social Networking, Information Systems, and Web Applications, IT Application


#Agarwal, S.P., and Shrivastava, P. (2004).  Technology Financing and FDI in SMEs in India; International Research Seminar on Financing the Future: Financing SMEs; Technology and Development; University of Central England, Birmingham, U.K. 16th June 2004.


#Agarwal, S.P., and Shrivastava, P.  (2004). E-Learning in India: Consultancy Potential; Publication in International Conference on Development of Knowledge Infrastructure.  Role of Consultants: Technical Consultancy Development For Asia & Pacific (TCDPAP), 11-13, Oct. 2004, New Delhi, pp.



Dr.Ruksana Banu. A
Assistant Professor
Room No: OF07, Ext: 706





Teaching Interest Economics, Management and Human Resource Management
Courses Units Taught Economics: Introductory Micro Economics, Introductory Macro Economics, Macro-Economic Environment, Economic Issues: An Introduction, Micro and Macro Theory and Application, and The World Economy.Management and Business Studies: Introduction to Human Resource Management, People Management, Learning and Development, The Firm, The Business Environment, Business in the 21st Century, Strategic Management, Managing Organization, Office Management, Presentation Skills, Recording Financial Transactions, Office Administration, Structure of Business Organizations, AIT graded Unit-3.
Qualification PhD (Management), M.Phil. (Economics), M.A (Economics), M.B.A (HRM)
Research Interest Work-Life Balance, Health Economics , Economic Development, Employee Motivation, Women and Development, Aging Population.
Publications # Vijaya Kumar Gudep, Ruksana Banu, Mohammed Abbas Ali & Vutla Padmaja Rani, 2013. An Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in select Public and Private Sector Commerical Banks in India. Knowledge Management and Resource Sharing (ICKMRS, 2012) International Conference Proceedings by Waljat College of Applied Science (Oman), New Delhi:Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Limited, pp. 155-165, ISBN-13: 9781259063800.# Lina M. Fernandes, Ruksana Banu & Simi Simon, 2012. FDI in Multi-Brand Retail: Issues and Implications on Indian Economy. Pacific Business Review International, Vol 5 (November issue 5), pp. 19-28, ISSN 0974-438X.# Ruksana Banu, Durrishah Bte Idrus & Vijaya Kumar Gudep, 2012. Understanding the Dynamics of Work-Family Interface through the Boundary Theory: A Review of Empirical Research. International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management (IJRCM), Vol 2, (July issue 7), pp.13-17, ISSN 2231-5756.

Dr.Tamanna Dalwai
Assistant Professor,
Deputy Director-QA
Room No: 1108, Ext: 39


Teaching Interest Business & Accounting
Courses Units Taught Advanced Financial Accounting, Advanced Management Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Using Financial Accounting Software, Preparing Final Accounts, Behavioral Skills for Business, Managing People and Organization, Human Resource Management, Accounting Graded Unit 1 &2
Qualification MBA (Accounting and Finance), PhD
Research Interest Corporate Governance, Accounting Education, Corporate Social Responsibility.
Publications # Dalwai, T., and Achalapathi, K.V. 2011. Global Financial Crisis: Focus On Sultanate Of Oman. International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS). 4(15). 79-97.# Dalwai, T., and Chugh, G. 2013. Lessons from countries around the world converging to IFRS. 35th All India Accounting Conference and International Seminar on Accounting Education and Research. 5th to 6th January 2013.# Dalwai, T., and Chugh, G. 2013. Impact of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Firm Performance around the World. International Conference on Managing Innovations and Talent in Highly Competitive Global Business Environment. 2nd February 2013.
Dr. S.Varalakshmi.jpg

Dr. S.Varalakshmi
Assistant Professor
Room No: OF08, Ext: 707




Teaching Interest Business Taxation, Economic Issues: An Introduction
Courses Units Taught Business Taxation, Economic Issues: An Introduction.
Qualification PhD in Commerce
Research Interest Accounting & Human Resource
Publications # Varalakshmi, S., Krishna Murthy, M., 2012. A Study on marketable Carbon Credit: An overview, ACADEMICIA: An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal. 4(4). pp.161-166.# Varalakshmi, S., Krishna Murthy, M., 2012. Job Satisfaction- A Study with special reference to Salalah College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman. Amet International Journal of Management. July to December Issue, pp. 73-79.# Varalakshmi, S., Krishna Murthy, M., 2011. A study on the overview of microfinance in Oman, VINIMAYA, National Institute of Bank Management Pune. Volume No XXXII, Issue No.1, pp.27-33.
Vinay Gupta_new

Dr.Vinay Gupta
Assistant Professor,
Room No: OF01, Ext: 87


Teaching Interest General Management, Research Methodology, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management
Courses Units Taught The Management Challenge- An Introduction, Honors Dissertation Project (Business Studies), Understanding Supply Chains and Understanding Consumers
Qualification PhD in Management (Leadership)
Research Interest Leadership Styles, Employee Job Satisfaction, Consumer Behavior, Advertising Effectiveness, Distance education in Oman and Higher Education in Oman.
Publications # Gupta V., Dhar U., (2006) “Paradise Finance Ltd- A case study”, Prestige International Journal of Management and Research (PIJMR) (ISSN 0974-6080), 10(1&2), 183-187.

Assistant Professor
Room No: OF06, Ext: 705




Teaching Interest Finance & Accounting
Courses Units Taught Accounting for Management, Financial Management, International Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Merchant Banking and Financial Services, Entrepreneurship Development, Organizational Behavior.
Qualification MBA, M.Com, M.Phil., PGDCA, PhD
Research Interest Economic Value Added, Market Value Added, Portfolio Management, Financial Analysis, Asset Management.
Publications # Gopalakrishnan.C & Rajeswari Krishnan, 2013. Growth of BSE Listed Automobile Sector in India, Life Science Journal 2013; 10(2s):209218, (ISSN:10978135), Issue 37, pp 209-218.# Gopalakrishnan.C, 2014. Economic Value Added Analysis selected Indian Automobile Sector, Indian Journal of Applied Research, (ISSN: 2249- 555X), Vol. 4, Issue 3, March, 2014, pp 227-229.# Gopalakrishnan.C, 2014. Profitability trend in BSE listed Automobile sector in India, (ISSN 0975-3435), Excel India Publishers, New Delhi, Vol. 6, Issue 1, July 2014.

Assistant Professor
Room No: OF07, Ext: 706




Teaching Interest Finance & Accounting
Courses Units Taught Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Merchant Banking and Financial Services, Accounting for Management, Financial Management, International Financial Management.
Qualification MBA, M.Phil., PGDMM, PhD
Research Interest Stock Market Volatility, Financial Econometrics (Time Series Analysis), Technical Analysis, Capital Market Efficiency & FOREX Market.
Publications # Prabhakaran.K & Varadaraj.S, 2014. Forecasting Stock Price Volatility- An Indian Perspective: Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany, (ISBN NO.-978-3-659-63744-5).# Prabhakaran.K, 2013.Empirical Analysis of Weak Form Efficiency – Evidence from National Stock Exchange of India Ltd Beykent University Journal of Social Sciences, ( ISSN 1307-5063), Volume-6, Issue-2 (Nov 2013),PP 123 -135.# Prabhakaran.K & Varadaraj.S, 2013. Volatility in Indian Stock Market: A study With Reference to Selected NIFTY Companies, SAMSMRITI (The SAMS Journal),(ISSN No 0976-304X) Volume-7, Issue-2 (July 2013),PP 9 -18.

Dr. Gopal Soundararajan
Assistant Professor
Room No: 0F08, Ext: 707



Teaching Interest Marketing & Human Resource Management
Courses Units Taught Marketing Management, Brand management, Retail Management, Service Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Performance Management, Managerial Behavioral and Effectiveness, Organizational Behavior.
Qualification M.B.A, M.F.T, M.Sc. (Psychology.), M.Phil., PGDCA, Ph.D.
Research Interest Consumer Buying Behaviour, effect of consumer response on promotion,, customer loyalty, branding, job satisfaction, Skill gap identification,
Publications # Gopalakrishnan and muruganandam, 2013, A Micro analysis on Dissect of Consumer’s to Procure Green Products, Life science journal
(10 (2): 1028 – 1032, ISSN: 1097 – 8135) # Gopalakrishnan and muruganandam, An analysis on awareness of tempting consumer’s to buy green product, International conference, Eco Revolution 2012, Colombo- Srilanka, (ISBN 978-81-920431-2-8) # Gopalakrishnan, 2013, Buying Behavior of Consumers on Instant Food Products: An Analysis of Pattern and Trends, Journal of Management and Science  (ISSN: 2249-1260, Volume 2, Issue 12, April 2013, PP 16-22) # Gopalakrishnan,2012, An empirical study on assessment of employability skills implication for university industry linkages, IOSR Journal of Business and Management, (e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN:2319-7668, pp 67-69)

Gaitri Chugh
Senior Lecturer,
Deputy Coordinator for Stirling Program
Room No: 0F09, Ext: 708




Teaching Interest Business & Accounting
Courses Units Taught ACCMA1 (Accounting l), ACCMA2 (Accounting II), ACCMA6 (Auditing) and other Accounting and Graded units from SQA.
Qualification M.Com, B.Com(Hons)
Research Interest Corporate Governance, Accounting and Management.
Publications # “Building an innovative Organization: A Framework for Thinking about Innovation” by Gaitri Chugh and Dr. Mathew-National Conference (Gian Jyoti Institute of Management) 22nd Nov.2008.# ‘Lessons from countries around the world converging to IFRS’ by Gaitri Chugh, Tamanna Dalwai and Dr. K.V. Achalapathi – 35th All India Accounting Conference and International Seminar on Accounting Education and Research Jan 5th to 6th 2013.# ‘Impact of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Firm’s Financial Performance Around The World’ by Gaitri Chugh and Tamanna Dalwai –International Conference on “Managing Innovations and Talent in Highly Competitive Global Business Environment” 2nd February 2013.

Syeda Shafiya
Room No: OF10, Ext: 709


Teaching Interest Cost & Management Accounting; Human Resource Management.
Courses /Unit Taught Management Accounting using Information Technology, Management Accounting Planning and Control, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Business Law, Behavioral Skills for Business, Cost Accounting.
Qualification M.Com
Research Interest Management, Financial Accounting and Human Resource Management

Nitha Siju
Lecturer,Room No: 0F09, Ext: 708



Teaching Interest Operations and Project Management
Courses Units Taught Business Environment, Fundamentals of Management, Marketing Management, Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Presentation skills, Business Contractual Relationship, Business Culture ,Lean Management and  Graded Units.
Qualification MBA(Operations Management)
Research Interest Quality ,Supply chain Management.

Room No: OF11, Ext: 67



Teaching Interest Finance and Marketing.
Courses Units Taught Cost Accounting Methods, Basics of Accounting,Management Accounting and Decision Making, Marketing Introduction, Recording Financial information, Business Accounting, Economics 2 World Economy, Economics Issues an Introduction
Qualification MBA (Finance/Marketing), M.Com, DMM, M.Phil. (Management).
Research Interest Operations and Methods of Stock Exchange, Service Marketing and Development of Business Models.
Publications/ConferencesIndustrial Profile

Abdelbaset Queiri
Assistant Professor
Room No: OF12, Ext: 711



Teaching Interest Organizational Behavior , Corporate Finance.
Courses Units Taught Global Business Environment, Fundamental Marketing, Financial Management , Management Challenges
Qualification Master of Electrical EnergyMaster of Business Administration (MBA)Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Research Interest  Intergenerational Workforce and related organizational outcomes, Financial Behavior, Dividends Policy
Publications/ConferencesIndustrial Profile # Alii Hassan, Md. Yusoff Jamaluddin, Queiri, A., 2015. Technology Transfer Model for the Information and Communication Industry. Academics World 2nd International Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5 September 2015. Proceedings ISBN: 978-93-85465-88-8# Queiri, A., Wan Yusoff, W. & Dwaikat, N., 2015. Explaining Generation Y Employees’ Turnover in Malaysian Context. Asian Social Science, 11 (4). (Scoups, Q3 ERA).# Wan Yusoff, W., Queiri, A., Raja Hisham, R. & Zakaria, S. Work Values, Job Satisfaction and Intention to Quit among Generation-Y Workforce. 24th International Business Information Management Conference.Milan, Italy, 6-7 Novmber, 2014, proceeding ISBN: 978-0-9860419-3-8.


Mr. Mohammed Al-SakitiAssistant LecturerRoom No: OF14, Ext. 713

Teaching Interest  Human Resource Management (HRM) and Learning and Development.
Courses Units Taught  Office Management and Presentation Skills.
Qualification  MSc in Human Resource Management and Training.
Research Interest  Workplace Learning and Knowledge Management.
Publications/ConferencesIndustrial Profile

Hussain Al Hajji
Assistant Professor, Acting HoD- Research Unit.
Room No: 1114, Ext: 30



Teaching Interest  .
Courses Units Taught Human Resources Management; Human Resources Development; Strategic Human Resources Management; Organisational Behaviour; Cross-Cultural Management; Diversity Management, Research Methods; Applied Statistics
Qualification PhD in Management
Research Interest Diversity at Work, Global HRD, Cross-Cultural Management, Emerging Markets
Publications/Conferences & Industrial Profile # Alhejji, H., Ng, E, Garavan, T & Carbery, R. (2016) ‘The impact of formal and informal distance on gender equality approaches: the case of a British MNC in Saudi Arabia’, Thunderbird International Business Review. DOI: 10.1002/tie.21828# Alhejji, H., & Garavan, T. (2015) ‘Human resources in the Middle East’, in Garavan, T, McCarthy, A and Morley, M, Global Human Resource Development: Regional and Country Perspectives, Routledge# McGuire, D., Dusoye, I., Garavan, T.N. and Alhejji, H. (2016): “Talent Development in the United Kingdom” in Dirani, K.M. Nafukho, F. & Irby, B. (eds.) Global Issues and Talent Development. New York: Information Age Publications

Mohammed Latif Khan
Lecturer,Room No: 0F13, Ext: 712



Teaching Interest Human Resources Management;  Psychology,Strategic human resource management
Courses Units Taught Human Resources Management; Psychology, strategic Human Resource management, leadership, compensation and benefits management.
Qualification MS –HRM
Research Interest Career Development, Organizational Commitment, Leadership, Career Success
Publications # Khan, M. L., Salleh, R., & Hemdi, M. A. B. (2016). Effect of Protean Career Attitudes on Organizational Commitment of Employees with Moderating Role of Organizational Career Management. International Review of Management and Marketing, 6(4S), 155-160.# Khan, M. L., Langove, N., Shah, F. A., & Javid, M. U. (2015). The Modes of Conflicts and Managerial Leadership Styles of Managers. Global Business & Management Research, 7(2).

Raya Al-Sulaimani
Departmental Secretary
Room No: OF03, Ext: 701